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#6. How to earn Bitcoin?

Secret 6: How to earn Bitcoin?

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There are a few ways how we can start to earn Bitcoin. Here's a list ranging from the least profitable to the most profitable ways.

Most popular ways to earn Bitcoin

  • Get rewards in Bitcoins or other tokens from some sites or apps for completing certain tasks.

  • If allowed and if you're good at it, you can try your hand at gambling to increase your Bitcoin stash. Not us!

  • Ask for donations or tips to be sent in Bitcoin.

  • Get your salary paid in Bitcoin.

  • Sell goods and services and accept Bitcoin for payment.

  • Mine Bitcoins and get paid for confirming transactions.

  • Trade Bitcoin profitably by copying the strategies from people who’ve done so before.

  • Bitcoin and crypto is here to stay. Even governments are looking into creating a digital currency as well. Those will not replace Bitcoin, but it will lend further legitimacy to the world of digital money and digital assets.

    Sometimes it's even possible to receive free cryptocurrencies as early adopters to help and spread the word. If one of them reaches global adoption and shoots through the roof, you've basically received free money, just for promoting a project you believe in.

    At times, we share such projects that are free to register for. You just create an account and let them sit there for a few years.