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#7. How to trade Bitcoin?

Secret 7: How to trade Bitcoin?

3 min read

Our favorite way of earning money is by trading Bitcoin against other cryptocurrencies.

"Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will create more new millionaires than there currently are in the world."

Dom Boecker, Trader, Wellness Coach

You may have heard of countless other people earning great money by trading Bitcoin as well. But how did they get there?


we thought we would need thousands of Dollars...

  • To our surprise we found out the exact opposite!

  • In fact, we started to trade with roughly $100 and the compounding profits easily ramped up our earnings!

  • we thought we would need to deal with brokers...

  • Actually we don't deal with brokers at all! So, no delays or third parties!

  • On top of that, fees are so small (typically 0.1%) and get processed automatically whenever we make a trade that we don't even think about them anymore!

  • we thought trading would be difficult...

  • When we first started it was difficult. But as coaches, we systemized it, simplified it and turned it into the easiest system possible so that even newbies as us could do it!

  • Then we created a 5 Day Trading Challenge simply to test ourselves and to see how well we were doing.

  • "Our desire to increase our income outweighed our desire to play it safe and let our money rot in an ever-depreciating bank account."

    Chris Fox, Trader, Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur

    We discovered the BIGGEST PROBLEM...

    Information overload!

  • There is too much information on YouTube, websites and in books and most of it is hard to understand, has conflicting information and very often simply doesn't work!

  • We wanted to be fully in control of our own finances and were fully convinced that being able to trade was the key!

  • There was no "easy system" yet, so we had to create it!

    That's where our combined 20 years of coaching experience came in.

    So we crafted a SOLUTION...

    What if we could find a way to PROFIT from cryptocurrencies while protecting our assets and minimizing risk?

  • We spent almost a year to fully understand, systemize and simplify the most effective strategies popular among traders.

  • We checked the results, first with simulation trades and later on with real money.

  • We improved our system each step along the way.

  • This became our personal breakthrough in achieving profitable trades towards a 6 figure income. A system that after lots of prodding, we began teaching to family and friends.

    But we did warn them, just like we warn you...

    5 Day Trading Challenge

    5 days only (15 min/day)

    The 5-Day Trading Challenge is NOT FOR EVERYONE...


  • If you are not coachable or open-minded...

  • If you have issues with trading or finances in general...

  • If you are not prepared to change your approach to trading or investing... ​

    ... then this is NOT FOR YOU.

  • The honest truth is, the challenge will require some effort... Anything that creates long term wealth does!

    The 5-Day Trading Challenge is...

    Everything you need!

  • Proven

  • Effective

  • Smart

  • 100% FREE!

  • If you’re looking for a "magic pill" to make all your issues and problems disappear, then maybe you will get "lucky" elsewhere.

    If you want tangible results and create a rock solid foundation for trading Bitcoin profitably, then read on...


    For the NEXT 5 DAYS, are you OK to invest 15 MINUTES PER DAY to create your own long term financial results?

    YES! What do I do next?

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