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Secret #5 of 7

I can already see the finish line!

#5. How to spend Bitcoin?

Secret 5: How to spend Bitcoin?

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Even though we use our Bitcoins to earn money instead, there are times when we want to spend some, so where can we spend our mighty Bitcoins?

Most popular ways to spend Bitcoin

  • Hundreds of thousands of e-commerce sites, merchants and vendors, both online and offline, already accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for payments. Most of them are in the technology sector, but retailers are picking up as well.

  • In some countries, digital payments and tokens are already more popular than cash! In China for example, it is almost impossible to pay with paper money! A sign of things to come.

  • If we want a broader range of goods and services to buy anything our heart desires, we can get a Bitcoin Debit Card that looks just like a regular debit card! ​

    We load our card with Bitcoin value or connect it to one of our Bitcoin wallet addresses. The vendors gets paid in either Bitcoin or USD, Euro or other currency of their liking. ​

    Some cards are only available in certain countries and have varying fees, so choose the card that's right for you.

    ​A well-known choice is Monaco.

  • A few years ago another card –Ten X Pay– had to cease operations, so it's important to do your due diligence.

    There are also other solutions where you can link your crypto holdings against physical gold bar storage and have a card linked to your gold deposits

    As our training student, you can always ask our opinion about types of card or storage systems you come across.