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#4. How to buy Bitcoin?

Secret 4: How to buy Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin can be bought and sold online and offline just like any other currency.

Most popular places to buy Bitcoin

  • Many Bitcoin exchanges or money brokerages accept payments via credit card, debit card or via bank transfer.

  • Sites like LocalBitcoins allow us to buy directly from other owners. Only trust people with lots of high ratings. Do some test transactions first and split up the transactions into smaller part if it is a big amount.

  • Some apps on our phone allow us to buy and sell Bitcoin through PayPal and other online payment processors. Just make sure the app is legitimate!

  • Bitcoins ATMs are popping up in major cities. Check the rates though!

  • In our training we sometimes have special links or vouchers that you can use at certain exchanges or brokerages.

    While they won't give you free cryptocurrencies, they can give you free credit towards your trading fees, putting an extra $30-$50 in your pocket.